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Jeevan Labh to be introducing on 4-1-2016

  Plan number : 836

 Plan name: Jeevan Labh

 Minimum Eligible Age: 8 Years

 Maximum Eligible Age: 59 Years

 Minimum Policy term/PPT: 16/10 ,21/15 and 25/16

 Maximum policy Term: 25

  Minimum Sum assured: 2,00,000

 Maximum Sum Assured: No Limit(Multiple of Rs. 10000)

 Minimum age at entry for DAB is 18

 Payment option : Yly, Hly, Qtly, SSS & ECS

  Gender Allowed: Both

 Maximum age at entry for Accident benefit: 55

 Max cover ceasing age Accident benefit: 70

 Minimum Accident Benefit Sum Assured: 1,00,000 (Multiple of Rs. 5000)

  Rebate: Available Yearly and Half yearly

 Sum Assured Rebate: Available

  Loan Available: After at least 3 years of Premium payments

 Profit plan: with Profits

  Proposal Form No: 300/340/360

 Back Dating: Yes, Policy is back dated to the lean months ,viz. April, May, July, and August, interest is to be charged for period in excess of 3 months.

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