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LIC's Jeevan Arogya

Plan Number: 904

 Plan name: Smart Health Insurance plan


FEATURES Principle Insured Insured Spouse (If any), Parents/ In-Law Insured Children
Min. Initial Daily Benefit 1,000/- 1,000/- 1,000/-
Max. Initial Daily Benefit 4,000/- Equal or Less than PI Equal or Less than PI
Min. Entry Age 18 years LBD 18 years LBD

3 months (completed)

Max. Entry Age

65 years LBD

75 years LBD

17 years LBD

Max. Age for Cover 80 years 80 years 25 years


  Date of Cover Expiry in respect of each insured covered under the plan:Date of Cover Expiry in respect of each insured covered under the plan: Policy anniversary on which the insured life attains maximum cover ceasing age

Nomination: Allowed

Assignments : Not Allowed

Mode of Premium: Yearly and Half Yearly

Grace Period: 30 days for Yearly and Half yearly mode, And 15 days for Monthly Mode

Revival Period: 2years from due date of FUP

+ Covers extended family: Self+ Spouse + Kids+ Parents/In-Law

+ Hospital Cash Benefit

+ Major Surgical Benefit: for 140 listed surgeries

+ Day Care Procedure Benefit: for 140 more listed surgeries

+ Other surgical Benefit: for all other surgical procedures* + Full Entitlement paid: Irrespective of actual expenses

+ 50% Advance MSB available under Quick Cash Facility*

+ No claim Benefit / Increasing healthcover

+ Term / Accident Insurance riders: for Principal Insured and Spouse





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