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Anmol Jeevan Plan 822


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 Plan Number: 822

 Plan name:Anmol Jeevan - II

 Minimum age at entry – 18 years (completed)

 Maximum age at entry – 55 years (nearest birthday)

  Minimum Sum Assured – 6 Lakh

  Maximum Sum Assured - 24 Lakh (The Sum Assured shall be in multiples of 1 Lakh)

  Maximum cover ceasing age – 65 years (nearest birthday)

 Minimum policy term - 5 years

 Maximum policy term – 25 years

 Maximum Sum Assured: No Limt(Multiple of Rs. 5000)

  Mode of Premium payment: Yly, Hly

 Gender Allowed: Both

 Death Benefit – Sum Assured shall be payable

 Maturity / Survival Benefit - No benefits on maturity

 Loan – NO Loan will be granted

 Surrender Value- No surrender value

 Paid up value – No paid up value





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