I am very happy with your application LIC RAVIN and just want to know about the policy LIC Aadhar 824 that it is launched by LIC or not? As no LIC agent knows about that one.....
Will be thankful if got ur answer fast..

Yes ,you can find LIC in internet, its launched may be LIC software is not ready. Let them announce publicly.

Sir,can i import my policy holders data from others company software. how ??

Not possible, currently you can import only data exported from Ravin. Will plan in future.

How to add signature at the end of message

There is My:) profile option in software ,fill the Signature line1 and line2 ,Those Signatures will be appended to end of every message

How to share policy information to client or customer

Add the policy information manually or using Direct Import method fill the client mobile number and email id,Use Service option to send message or email to all customer in single click or one by one

Birthday ,Anniversary and Due list option available?

Yes, Its available you have to fill the those information properly in my policy management

How to purchase LIC Agent software?

Click on Purchase option to purchase on-line and call to for off-line purchase

Sir , I am a user of your lic premium app. But sir I am unable to send the calculated premium by sms as it automatically convert message to MMS. So Plz guide me sir. Regards - ( Dev Officer ) .

Something is wrong in phone software ,please check , are you selecting Proper sharing option or not 2) Uninstall and install your message sending software , if you are not using message sending software then fine 3 ) problem not solved then please send your phone model and mobile version

What is plan adviser?

Enter the age ,It will suggest the available plans for that particular age